*Blast 3 – 7kg of fat in just 1 week with Eden


Eden is the weight loss, detox & cleanse your body is craving.


 Get back to basics: 100% Natural Weight Loss

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Forget that shake that tastes like cardboard and throw out that tea you never liked. Eden brings it back to basics when it comes to losing weight, detoxing and body cleansing, using a 100% organic blend of natural ingredients for holistic benefits to your body. By following our simple guidelines, you can lose 3-7kg in a single week*! Eden B2B is not a pill, tea, drink or shake. It’s not even liquid, but wholesome FOOD THAT YOU EAT AND CHEW.

Our unique organic mix makes use of handpicked Australian ingredients from our trusted suppliers. The beauty of the Eden organic weight loss diet is that everything you need is right there in the pack — there’s no need to cook, mix or anything else, just eat! In the end, our philosophy is to help you take care of your body and get that dream figure without any questionable pills, chemicals, complicated recipes or anything else.

When we say the Eden raw nut and seed mix is completely natural, we mean it: the mixture is gluten free and completely free of GMOs, pesticides and hormones, allowing your body to get the benefits without the nasty side effects. We shred, blend and carefully measure all the ingredients to provide the perfect balance of nutrients, enzymes and minerals; these natural goodies are absorbed and attack the fat stores within your body, significantly cutting through weight in just a single week.

How does the weight loss detox diet work?

Eden weight loss food contains seven packs in total, with a suggested intake of one pack per day for one week to get you results with maximum convenience. With the Back to Basics Seven Day Extreme Fat Loss Pack, complement each day’s intake with one litre of filtered water per 20 kilograms of body weight to see the most effective results.

Those who would prefer to ease into our organic diet for weight loss and detox can add leafy greens, raw fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts to their weekly intake to help minimise the impact when trying the plan for the first time. If you don’t finish the pack, don’t worry! That said, we suggest you get through at least 80% of the pack per day to ensure your body gains sufficient nourishment.

Through our extensive research and testing, the seven-day detox has proven the most effective way to get results when you buy Eden organic weight loss food online. For those who want to try our product before commencing the weeklong detox, we offer the three day cleanse so you have the chance to test the flavours for yourself.

An organic detox diet plan in Australia that produces powerful results

We can guarantee that those who follow the guidelines of our detox diet will get genuine results for their body. Eden is adventure through the garden of life and is a well-researched, all-natural solution that will have you feeling like a brand new person within the blink of an eye. Using this unique blend, you can say goodbye to complex detox diets and plans which excessively restrict you or cause discomfort throughout the week. With Eden, it’s as simple as opening the pack and getting stuck in! We love nothing more than seeing our customers send us stories, before and after photos and general feedback, so please don’t hesitate to send them through.

Take the first step to a new you!
While you can order the Eden organic weight loss detox diet plan online for delivery in Australia or internationally, we are more than happy to answer enquiries if you require more information about how you can lose weight in just seven days. Simply head to our online contact form and fill out the required fields and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

  • Eden - Seven Day Extreme Fat Loss Pack

    Eden – Seven Day Extreme Fat Loss Pack

    5 out of 5
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    Eden – Ease Into Weight Loss Three Day Cleanse